If you haven't noticed, I've broken a few things here. I've migrated everything: blogging technologies, commenting technologies and even moved to a new hosting provider with some CDN improvements - it's been a fun set of changes, probably with more changes to come!

While the most important things have copied over well enough with this move, there are definitely some issues. Firstly, I had a few hours of downtime that I didn't even really try to avoid (sorry!). Now that we're back up, I will be addressing some of these issues over time (lots of code formatting needs to be fixed) but there will be some issues that I will leave as-is for the posts that migrated over. I'll also probably be playing with themes for a while until I finally settle on one I like.

My hopes are that, on a whole, the new Jaxidian Update blog will be MUCH easier to read with responsive design and other changes. But most of all, this new platform will hopefully allow me to create posts much more easily than before.

Without Further Ado

Welcome to the new Jaxidian Update!